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What is Sports Therapy?

People can often be put off by the word 'sports' when it comes to finding the right treatment for them!

Our therapists are trained to degree level and specialize in the treatment and management of MSK injuries and pain. Sports Therapy utilizes  a variety of 'hands on' treatment methods in order to promote your health and fitness. These methods include: Sports Massage, Joint Mobilisation/Manipulation, PNF Stretching, Myofascial Release, Muscle Energy Techniques, Trigger Point Therapy and Cross Fibre Friction Technique. 

Our Therapists also are trained in exercise rehabilitation and strength & conditioning and with this knowledge can prescribe simple yet effective exercise regimes in order to strengthen and lengthen muscles and really boost the efficiency of your recovery!

Who is Sports Therapy For?

You DO NOT have to be an athlete or even participate within a sport in order to reap the BENEFITS of the therapeutic interventions achieved through Sports Therapy and Sports Massage at Gittins Sports Therapy &  Wellness Clinic, Warrington!

The techniques and treatments used are for ANYONE! Young or Elderly!  Active or Sedentary!  Male or Female!  Physical Jobs or Desk Jobs! Injured or Injury Free! 

The Bigger Picture

When assessing our clients during Sports Therapy/Sports Massage Treatments at Gittins Sports Therapy & Wellness Clinic, Warrington, we like to look into the 'bigger picture', our highly skilled therapists are trained to spot any abnormalities throughout the body that may be causing your aches or pains, we make expert judgements by assessing posture and movement patterns in order to see if there are any possible indicators that may be producing pain elsewhere across the body! So this could be foot position causing lower back pain, Myofascial Trigger Points around the back causing perceived pain down your arm, or pelvic position causing neck pain. We then aim to not only treat the problem area, but any abnormalities that may be causing the issue!

What we offer...

✔  Sports Therapy 

✔ Deep Tissue Massage/Sports Massage
✔ Postural Correction and Advice
✔ Targeted Stretching/Strengthening Exercises
✔ Joint Rehabilitation

✔ Spinal Care
✔ Pain Reduction
✔ Musclo-Skeletal Rehabilitation,
✔ Increase Range of Motion and Flexibility
✔ Future Injury/Condition Prevention
✔ Lifestyle Advice to Improve Fitness and Well being 

Benefits of Sports Therapy/Massage

 ✔  Better recovery from physical activity as metabolic waste products are removed from the tissues during Sports Massage

 ✔  Improved healing and repair as more nutrients are supplied to vascular tissues

 ✔  Relief of pressure from congestion and metabolic irritants and the reduction of tension in the muscles can all help reduce pain during Sports Therapy

 ✔  Better range and efficiency of movement, which will reduce the risk of injury

 ✔  Improved posture and awareness of how the client positions themselves

 ✔  Fewer impairments to muscular function

 ✔   Relaxes and Stretches Muscle Tissue

 ✔  Stimulates the parasympathetic system eliminating pain

 ✔  Reduces psychological stress. 

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