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Gittins Sports Therapy & Wellness Clinic, based within the center of Warrington, aims to provide a variety of alternative health treatments in order to promote the health, fitness and wellbeing of our clients. Here at the clinic, our highly trained therapists are passionate about delivering high quality, effective treatments in order to provide you with the results that you desire. So whether it be effective Injury treatment and Pain Management  or perhaps you want to switch off with a relaxing holistic treatment, its all here under one roof.


What is Sports Therapy/Massage?


Like most therapies Sports Massage has ancient roots, dating back to Ancient Rome when a famous physician called Galen prescribed massage for Gladiators before and after training. In modern history during the 1924 Olympic Games a Finnish runner named Paavo Nurmi won 5 Gold medals across a series of running events and put much of credit down to the massage he received throughout the campaign. Later in 1996 Sport Massage Teams became prevalent in Olympic Teams and this trend has continued and grown throughout the sporting community with most Sports Clubs making use of Sports Massage Therapists all over the world. 

So what is it??

Put simply, Sports Massage is a Deep Tissue Treatment with the Goal of decreasing tension, breaking down adhesions and other problems with the soft tissues, increase your mobility and Range of motion (ROM) at the area, and generally help to create a better MSK environment for you as an individual and increase your quality of wellbeing.

What does it involve?

Your initial session with a qualified Sports Therapist will first of all involve a consultation where you can discuss any MSK issues that you are presenting with, the therapist will ask specific questions in order to gauge what the problem could be. Following this the therapist is likely to perform observational assessment which can include: postural analysis, biomechanical analysis, ROM testing, Strength testing, Specific Injury Testing and palpation do that the therapist can come to a conclusion to what exactly your issue is and then devise the appropriate treatment for you. 

Then what…

The treatment will then begin, when you see a Sports Therapist, we generally use a variety of techniques including Sports massage in order to address the issue. Some of these techniques include: Myofascial Trigger Point Therapy, Myofascial Release, Massage, Joint Mobilistation/ Manipulation, Active/Passive Release Therapy, PNF stretching. 

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To find out more about Sports Therapy, including the amazing benefits that it offers and how the team at Gittins Sports Therapy & Wellness Clinic, Warrington can help you, click the link below. 


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